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Lumu for MSPs Lite

Lumu for MSPs Lite: Streamlined Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs

Reading Time: 3 mins We’re proud to present Lumu for MSPs Lite, our streamlined no-cost cybersecurity solution crafted for Managed Service Providers. This offering embodies our commitment to democratizing advanced threat detection and response, enabling MSPs to deliver 24/7, AI-driven cybersecurity without the hefty price tag. With Lumu for MSPs Lite, MSPs can now empower their operations with high-quality, accessible, and automated security services, ensuring even the most resource-constrained can compete at the forefront of cybersecurity.


Cisco IOS XE Web UI Vulnerability: Critical Advisory & Immediate Mitigation Steps

Reading Time: 3 mins Critical Alert: Devices running Cisco IOS XE Web UI could be at risk due to a severe vulnerability. Unauthorized users could gain full system control. If you’re running Cisco IOS XE with HTTP or HTTPS Server enabled, immediate action is crucial. Read our in-depth advisory for risk assessment and mitigation steps, including how Lumu can assist with real-time threat detection.

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Government grant for cybersecurity how to apply

Government Grants Available to Fund New Cybersecurity Programs

Reading Time: 4 mins The recent Biden-Harris administration government represents the biggest current Zero Trust initiative. Dr. Chase Cunningham looks at how this initiative helps states, local entities, and small business entities and how you can apply.

Lumu's new ROI calculator for cybersecurity

Introducing Lumu’s New ROI Calculator

Reading Time: 2 mins The Lumu ROI Calculator is a free tool that helps organizations get an idea of the time and money they can save using Lumu. The assessment is designed to enable informed decision-making when it comes to finding the right solution.

Cybercrime in the education sector

Cybercrime in the Education Sector

Reading Time: 3 mins Cybercrime in the education sector is having a field day while educational institutions are suffering at the hands of cybercriminals. We look at some of the stats and reasons behind this worrying trend.

Conti ransomware group alliances

Conti Ransomware Group: the Alliances Behind the Chaos

Reading Time: 4 mins The Conti Ransomware Group has recently unleashed a series of attacks on nations including Costa Rica, resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency. The key to their success is the network of alliances that they have built with precursor malware operators.

Chris Steffen on cybersecurity operations MSP

The Need for Cybersecurity Operations

Reading Time: 3 mins Cybersecurity operations can be hard but are needed in all businesses. EMA Research Director Chris Steffen shares how MSPs and MSSPs can help small and medium-sized businesses operate cybersecurity proficiently.