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securing state and local environments: the importance of visibility and context

Visibility and Context: Securing State and Local Environments Against Ransomware

Reading Time: 2 mins Dr. Chase Cunningham, authority in cybersecurity and architect of the Zero Trust eXtended framework, addresses the imperative of securing state and local environments against ransomware. State and Local government entities secure critical services for the public good and without their protection, citizens could face significant disruptions in essential services, ranging from public safety and healthcare to education and utilities.

Lumu for MSPs Lite

Lumu for MSPs Lite: Streamlined Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs

Reading Time: 3 mins We’re proud to present Lumu for MSPs Lite, our streamlined no-cost cybersecurity solution crafted for Managed Service Providers. This offering embodies our commitment to democratizing advanced threat detection and response, enabling MSPs to deliver 24/7, AI-driven cybersecurity without the hefty price tag.

feature_Advisory Alert Critical Cisco IOS XE

Cisco IOS XE Web UI Vulnerability: Critical Advisory & Immediate Mitigation Steps

Reading Time: 3 mins Critical Alert: Devices running Cisco IOS XE Web UI could be at risk due to a severe vulnerability. Unauthorized users could gain full system control. If you’re running Cisco IOS XE with HTTP or HTTPS Server enabled, immediate action is crucial. Read our in-depth advisory for risk assessment and mitigation steps, including how Lumu can assist with real-time threat detection.

Copode 1.0 feature image

Dissecting COPODE 1.0: New APT Evolves Lockbit Strategies

Reading Time: 5 mins Lumu’s threat intelligence team has identified a new Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor named ‘Copode 1.0’, leveraging the LockBit Black code leaks for cyberattacks. This emerging threat underlines the need for stringent security practices and Lumu’s real-time monitoring offers an efficient response to such evolving challenges.

RSA Conference 2023 Recap

RSA Conference 2023 Observations: Embracing the Paradigm Shift

Reading Time: 4 mins RSAC 2023 brought the cybersecurity world together in San Francisco. While there is a general consensus that a paradigm shift is needed in cybersecurity, it is clear that we would be stronger still if there were consensus around what that paradigm shift needs to look like.

EDR evasion feature image

EDR Evasion: How Hackers Get Past Endpoint Defenses

Reading Time: 11 mins EDR Evasion includes a suite of techniques that hackers use to elude endpoint defenses. Discover how hackers evade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems using various techniques. Learn about the common tactics used by cyber attackers to bypass endpoint defenses and how to better protect against these stealthy attacks.

2022 Lumu Product Recap

Lumu 2022 Product Recap

Reading Time: 3 mins The 2022 Lumu Product Recap brings together all the Continuous Compromise Assessment Improvements we delivered over the last year.

lumu and fortinet

Lumu and Fortinet Simplify Incident Response Automation

Reading Time: 2 mins As a partner in Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Partner Program, Lumu delivers automated attack detection and response across the network. See how to integrate Lumu Defender with Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW.

New Lumu Free Training Register.

The New and Improved Lumu Free

Reading Time: 3 mins Lumu Free just got a major upgrade. We’ve included more metadata collectors, giving you greater network visibility and more closely reflecting our vision of how cybersecurity needs to be operated.