Lumu for MSPs

Proficient Cybersecurity Operations for the MSP

What is Lumu?

Lumu identifies threats in your clients network and helps MSPs automate and orchestrate response using existing cybersecurity tools.

Benefits of Lumu for MSPs/MSSPs

Save Time and

Network visibility & attack response automation improve response time without the need for additional resources.

Multiply your

Rely on Lumu to work 24x7 on your behalf, without the need for additional headcount.

Fills the Gaps in your Cybersecurity Operation

Complete your cybersecurity offering by adding network-level visibility to your existing security infrastructure.

Easy to Implement

The cloud-based solution offers flexible implementation options and is easy to configure without the need for highly technical talent.

Lumu seamlessly integrates with your
existing cybersecurity stack

Key Features

Lumu’s MSP product was designed with your needs in mind, simplifying cybersecurity operations across your client base.

Flexible Implementation Options

Implementing a cybersecurity solution has never been easier. Lumu offers various options that meet the needs of your diversified customer base.

Multi-Customer Management Portal

Gone are the days of switching from one environment to another, Lumu shows you everything you need to know about your customers from a single view. You can also choose whether to give your customers access to the portal environment.

Incident Response Automation

No more stress over the dreaded 2am wake-up call. Lumu has you covered with real-time incident response automation. Integrate Lumu with your existing cyber-stack for instant action against the most pervasive threats.

Rich Incident Context

Get the answers to all your burning questions around malicious activity. What happened? Which IoC is this associated with? Which devices were impacted? How should I respond?

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be Complicated

There’s a better way to do it with Lumu for MSPs

Before Lumu

After Lumu

Why MSPs Rely on Lumu

"We started with Lumu and found that it could integrate easily with other solutions we already had in place. We have since grown our cybersecurity portfolio, supported by their intelligence on compromise levels."
CTO · MSP - USA, Midwest regio
“Lumu allowed us to fill in the skills and tech gaps left by the other tools in our stack.”
CTO · MSP - Caribbean region
“We found it increasingly impractical to offer IT services without offering a security component. Lumu was really useful in seeing which assets were in contact with adversaries, and also the additional security needs that customers faced.”
Director of Technology · MSP - USA, Northeast region
“Our biggest expenses are people and technology. Lumu helps us save on and get more out of both.”
Director of Technology · MSP - Canada
“With Lumu, we see the right data for effective decision making.”
Director of Technology · MSP - USA, West region
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Stay Ahead of
Cyber Attacks,
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