Your Customers Need to Operate Cybersecurity Proficiently

Grow your MSP/MSSP by building a
Continuous Compromise Assessment™
practice across your customer base.

What is Continuous Compromise Assessment™?

Lumu collects, normalizes, and analyzes a wide range of network metadata, allowing us to understand the behavior of the network and leading to conclusive evidence of compromise. Operationalize the concept of “assume you’re compromised and prove otherwise” across your entire customer base, all from a single view.

Benefits of Lumu for MSPs/MSSPs

Expand Your
Customer Base

Every business needs to operate cybersecurity. Grow your customer base by offering accessible Detection & Response capabilities.

Build and Scale Your Cybersecurity Operation

Empower and enable your team to monitor and manage more clients without increasing operating costs.

Target Customer Cybersecurity Needs

Identify which customers or departments are in need of additional cybersecurity services, tools, or training.

Demonstrate ROI and Justify Future Projects

See the compromise level of a cybersecurity system: a baseline for making improvements and showing results.

"We started with Lumu and found that it could integrate easily with other solutions we already had in place. We have since grown our cybersecurity portfolio, supported by their intelligence on compromise levels."
CTO · MSP - USA, Midwest regio
“Lumu allowed us to fill in the skills and tech gaps left by the other tools in our stack.”
CTO · MSP - Caribbean region
“We found it increasingly impractical to offer IT services without offering a security component. Lumu was really useful in seeing which assets were in contact with adversaries, and also the additional security needs that customers faced.”
Director of Technology · MSP - USA, Northeast region
“Our biggest expenses are people and technology. Lumu helps us save on and get more out of both.”
Director of Technology · MSP - Canada
“With Lumu, we see the right data for effective decision making.”
Director of Technology · MSP - USA, West region

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