Frequently Asked Questions
Lumu for MSPs

What is Lumu for MSPs Lite?

An offering that helps MSPs build their MSP cybersecurity practice. This comes with full functionality provided by Lumu for MSPs in a limited quantity as it relates to number of tenants and integrations.

What does the MSP Lite offering include?

3 tenants with a combined total of 50 endpoints. This version includes 3 integrations per tenant – 1 for data collection, 1 for automated response, and 1 for SecOps.

When is an upgrade from MSPs Lite required?

When you surpass the limit of tenants, endpoints, or integrations included in Lumu for MSPs Lite.

Is there a time limit for Lumu for MSPs Lite?

There is no time limit.

What integrations are offered?

Integrations can be found here.

How do I deploy the product?

Agents are the preferred data collection method for MSPs, however, there are other mechanisms available to cover other deployments. You can learn more about deployment here.

What kind of subscriptions are offered?

We offer both month to month and yearly commitments. You can see subscription and pricing options with a Lumu for MSP Lite or Lumu MSP account.

Does the Lumu for MSPs portal support MFA?

MFA is supported by the Lumu portal, you can learn more here.

Can I switch between client accounts without logging in and out?

Yes, the Lumu MSP portal is multi-tenant and multi-view, allowing you to view and manage clients from a single pane of glass. You can switch between client views from a single environment.

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