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Security operator using the Lumu Portal Remotely

Optimize Security Operations in 3 Steps

Security operations teams are increasingly inundated with alerts. Take a look at how Lumu can make your SOC more efficient in 3 easy steps.

How CISOs Can Reduce Ransomware Anxiety

Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought upon us, cybersecurity professionals have had an especially interesting year: from securing a sudden remote workforce to the

From Zero Trust to Zero Compromises

The concept of Zero Trust has gradually evolved in cybersecurity, responding to growing verification challenges from hybrid networks incorporating remote workers, cloud, and BYOD, among

Stop Ransomware by avoiding these 5 mistakes

Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Stop Ransomware

According to Gartner, “analysis of clients’ ransomware preparedness shows that over 90% of ransomware attacks are preventable.” And yet, every day more organizations—ranging from high-profile

Ransomware Attacks and How Lumu Helps

Watch the news these days and you will find a particular word show up recurrently, one that creates anxiety among business leaders and cybersecurity practitioners

2020 Compromise Flashcard

The abundance of cybersecurity data makes it difficult to understand what is truly relevant. Much like how the Illumination Process sifts through metadata to provide

Lumu Customers’ Top 5 Aha! Moments

Introducing Lumu to potential customers is always a rewarding experience. Customer Engagement Specialist Crystle-Day Villanueva frequently gets to show Lumu to prospective clients. We asked