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The featured illuminator for this week's Life@Lumu story is Kevin Arévalo. Kevin is a Full Stack Developer and alumnus of Fundación S

Life@Lumu: Kevin Arévalo

Reading Time: 3 mins Welcome to the first in our “Life@Lumu” blog series. Meet Kevin, a software developer at Lumu and Alumnus of Fundación S.


Life@Lumu: The Illumination Summit Team

Reading Time: 7 mins LIfe@Lumu gives you an insight into what it’s like to be an Illuminator. After the success of the most recent Illumination Summit, we sat down with the team that made it happen.


Lessons from (Another) Florida Ransomware Attack

Reading Time: 4 mins The $40 million attack on the Broward County public school district is an example of how ransomware attacks are evolving. Here’s what you can do to protect your organization.


Introducing Lumu Academy

Reading Time: 2 mins Lumu Academy offers free cybersecurity courses on Lumu products. Get Lumu certification through our self-paced virtual courses.


In the Spotlight: Maria Konnikova

Reading Time: 2 mins Maria Konnikova used decision-making strategies to become a poker champion. In this session, she shares the lessons poker holds for cybersecurity.