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In the Spotlight: Maria konnikova

Maria Konnikova is the author of three New York Times bestsellers. Her latest work, The Biggest Bluff, chronicles how she went from knowing nothing about

Why Optimizing Security Operations is Needed (and Possible)

Members of the C-suite understand the need for security. But are they spending dollars on solutions that actually matter? Special guest blogger Chris Steffen looks at how Lumu addresses this concern with the Automated MITRE ATT&CK Matrix.

CISO’s 2021 Cybersecurity Priorities

A CISO’s list of responsibilities never gets any shorter, so we asked CISOs about their most urgent projects. Here are their 2021 cybersecurity priorities.

2021 Cybersecurity Books to Read

These holiday cybersecurity reads are sure to captivate and educate as we head into another eventful year for cybersecurity.

New CISO: Objectives for the First 30 Days

On average, a CISO’s tenure is only 26 months. Fabian Zambrano, Director of Cybersecurity at Davivienda, lays out any new CISO’s priorities.


SolarWinds Hack: Immediate Action Items

On December 13th, information was released about the SolarWinds hack, one of the most extensive and serious breaches in recent U.S. history.