Connecting the Dots

Tackle your most pressing security challenges with Lumu

Measure and Understand Compromise

Lumu provides you with the ability to illuminate your infrastructure’s dark spots by measuring your unique compromise level. Go as deep as needed to understand confirmed compromise. All of the required context can be found in one place, where you may snack or binge as desired.

How Lumu Helps

Maximize Security Teams' Productivity

With more than 4.07 million positions open in cybersecurity, we are forced to do more with less. With Lumu, you and your team can dramatically lighten the burden on notification management while only focusing on confirmed compromise incidents that are putting your business at risk.

How Lumu Helps

Evaluate Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Designing and executing our cybersecurity strategies takes tons of time and money, but how do we know what’s actually working? It’s time to understand what’s offering protection and what isn’t – based on data. With this knowledge, strengthening your defense has never been easier.

How Lumu Helps

Obtain Unified Visibility Across All Assets

The fog has been lifted. Monitor compromise across all devices in one single place. Whether they are modern IoT devices or legacy systems, Lumu grants you the flexibility to monitor all types of devices and gives you the context needed to understand where and how compromise is taking place. 

How Lumu Helps

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