MSP Spotlight: Help SMBs Build Cybersecurity Resilience

MSPs' skills and resources make them perfectly positioned to fulfill SMBs’ need for increased cybersecurity resilience.
Small and Medium-sized businesses are in need of greater cybersecurity resilience and every MSP is in the perfect position to help them out.

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With 43% of cyberattacks targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), cybersecurity is not just for large enterprises. Unfortunately, many cybersecurity products are built for enterprises with large cybersecurity teams and are only offered to the SMB—and the MSP operating those products—as an afterthought. The SMBs then get stuck with tools that require steep learning curves and in-demand cybersecurity talent. Cybersecurity needs to be operated, otherwise many of these tools are not delivering value. At Lumu, we believe in a world where all companies can operate cybersecurity, that’s why we’ve built our model with SMBs, MSPs, and MSSPs in mind.

Cybercriminals have to make use of the network to achieve their ends, so the network is the ultimate source of compromise evidence. Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment™ is an easily deployed cloud-based solution that monitors network metadata and analyzes it in real time to determine if there is any evidence of contact with adversaries. The result is an experience that detects incidents of confirmed compromise and eliminates the noise of endless, low-quality alerts.

Expand Your Customer Base

In a world where everything is a computer, computer security is everything security. Businesses of every stripe are waking up to the importance of cybersecurity. Many of them find that they don’t have the skills or knowledge necessary to develop and maintain a cybersecurity program. That’s where you come in.

Organizations can find it hard to entrust their cybersecurity operations to an MSP. However, with Lumu, MSPs can start building that trust quickly and effectively—without hardware, steep learning curves, or a tiresome time-to-value—giving them an easy way into the growing cybersecurity market.

Build and Scale Your MSP’s Cybersecurity Operations

A cybersecurity operation can be demanding. The sheer number of tools and integrations spread across many clients can lead to cascading complexity and portal fatigue. Lumu for MSPs/MSSPs offers a user-friendly single view for operators to monitor all their customers’ compromise activity, so they can maximize the efficiency of day-to-day cybersecurity operations.

Additionally, while Lumu offers the ability to integrate with other tools and technologies, it does not rely on them. This means that you can deploy Lumu just as easily at an SMB as at a large enterprise, right out of the box.

Target Client Cybersecurity Needs

For too long, the solution to every cybersecurity problem has been to throw money at it based on the latest trend in the industry. Lumu measures individual compromises, but in aggregate, these compromises represent the output of a cybersecurity system: its level of compromise. Monitoring this as a baseline allows you to identify which cybersecurity & IT assets are underperforming and where additional focus or tools are needed.

Demonstrate ROI and Justify Future Cybersecurity Projects

Lumu gives you actionable, concrete intelligence on individual assets’ contacts with adversarial intelligence that you can take to the customer. You also get a visual representation of the cybersecurity system’s improvement over time, ensuring that your hard work does not go unappreciated.

Continuous Compromise Assessment: The MSP Growth Accelerator

In short, Continuous Compromise Assessment™ can help MSPs to grow on multiple fronts. Cybersecurity awareness is at an all-time high and SMBs are realizing that they too need to operate cybersecurity. MSPs are in the fortunate position to have the skills and resources necessary to help these organizations to operate cybersecurity.

If you are ready to become a Lumu MSP Partner, visit our MSP Page to learn more and apply.

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