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Visibility and Context: Securing State and Local Environments Against Ransomware

Reading Time: 2 mins Dr. Chase Cunningham, authority in cybersecurity and architect of the Zero Trust eXtended framework, addresses the imperative of securing state and local environments against ransomware. State and Local government entities secure critical services for the public good and without their protection, citizens could face significant disruptions in essential services, ranging from public safety and healthcare to education and utilities.

Cisco IOS XE Web UI Vulnerability: Critical Advisory & Immediate Mitigation Steps

Reading Time: 3 mins Critical Alert: Devices running Cisco IOS XE Web UI could be at risk due to a severe vulnerability. Unauthorized users could gain full system control. If you’re running Cisco IOS XE with HTTP or HTTPS Server enabled, immediate action is crucial. Read our in-depth advisory for risk assessment and mitigation steps, including how Lumu can assist with real-time threat detection.

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Lumu’s RSA Conference Recap

Reading Time: 2 mins Lumu attended RSA Conference 2020, featuring on cybersecurity news sites including Dark Reading,, and CRN.


It’s Time To Evolve Security Testing

Reading Time: 2 mins Security testing can learn from the aviation industry model. Data breaches have grown rapidly and testing procedures have stagnated.


The Next Big Thing. Introducing Lumu.

Reading Time: 3 mins This is only the beginning. Today, I am introducing you to Lumu Technologies, which brings a radical shift in the approach to cybersecurity.