Check Point VPN Vulnerability Advisory

Reading Time: 2 mins This VPN vulnerability highlights a typical risks associated with perimeter defenses, which can allow attackers to access networks. Stay informed and secure your network promptly.

LockBit Takedown: Advisory Alert

Reading Time: 7 mins LockBit takedown news and guidance: arrests made, resilience shown, and future cybersecurity steps.

Dissecting COPODE 1.0: New APT Evolves Lockbit Strategies

Reading Time: 5 mins Lumu’s threat intelligence team has identified a new Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor named ‘Copode 1.0’, leveraging the LockBit Black code leaks for cyberattacks. This emerging threat underlines the need for stringent security practices and Lumu’s real-time monitoring offers an efficient response to such evolving challenges.

MOVEit Vulnerability: Active Exploitation by CL0P Ransomware

Reading Time: 3 mins The recently discovered MOVEit vulnerability is an actively exploited zero-day threat, which is leading to significant breaches in large and critical enterprises. Gain insight into the nature of this vulnerability, its exploitation by the CL0P Ransomware Group, who is at risk, and the necessary remedial measures to be taken.

EDR Evasion: How Hackers Get Past Endpoint Defenses

Reading Time: 11 mins EDR Evasion includes a suite of techniques that hackers use to elude endpoint defenses. Discover how hackers evade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems using various techniques. Learn about the common tactics used by cyber attackers to bypass endpoint defenses and how to better protect against these stealthy attacks.