Why I’m Taking Off With Lumu

Luis Quiñones has joined Lumu Technologies after more than a decade in various roles at Cisco North America. Here's why he's on board with us.

When I tell people that I fly planes in my spare time, they assume that I’m a bit of a daredevil. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Pilots like safety. It’s trained into us. That’s part of the reason why flying is usually the safest part of your vacation—including the drive to the airport.

I’ve spent the last 20 years in service to the pursuit of safety. In that time I’ve worked with cybersecurity industry leaders—and for more than a decade with Cisco—ensuring that their stakeholders remain as secure as the state of the art allows. And let me tell you, organizations are struggling to cope with not just the threat landscape, but also the complexity that comes with operating cybersecurity. I’ve seen organizations with the biggest budgets, the latest tools, and all the bells and whistles still struggle to deal with the infinite evolution of attacks and untold alerts.

SOC teams, CISOs, and cybersecurity operators of every stripe are coming to terms with the fact that none of us are as secure as we thought. After years of budgets getting bigger and bigger, the hard knocks still keep coming in the form of ransomware and data breaches. After years of throwing money at more outward defenses, this has left companies to ultimately look inwards. Finally, CISOs are asking the right question: What if the adversary is already inside? That’s precisely the question that Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment® answers.

I’m excited about the Continuous Compromise Assessment model because it achieves 3 key things that help customers to simplify their security and reach peace of mind.

  1. It’s simple to implement
  2. It’s easy to manage
  3. It shows value quickly

I’m not a risk-taker. As a pilot, I never fly anywhere without checking the weather at my departure, en route, and at my destination. Likewise, in choosing to continue my career with Lumu I’m not taking any chances. Continuous Compromise Assessment answers a critical need that the market is asking for. If you feel like your cybersecurity posture is on shaky ground, open a Lumu Free account and try it out for yourself.

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