A New Experience to Help You Operate Cybersecurity Proficiently

Lumu's New Experience is a game-changer. 'Incidents' groups related contacts and improves reporting for reduced alert fatigue and much more.

According to a survey run by Sumo Logic, 83% of security teams experience alert fatigue, due to the high volume of security alerts. 70% have seen the number of security alerts double in the past five years. 88% Are facing challenges with their current SIEM. Seeing these statistics, it is clear that something is not working in cybersecurity and that the way cybersecurity is operated must evolve.

Lumu is introducing a new experience to the Lumu Portal to help you to operate cybersecurity proficiently. This new experience is now available on the portal and will help you and your team to prioritize and manage compromise incidents in a better way.

Some key improvements include:

Compromise Grouping: This new view simplifies compromise detection and management by grouping all related contacts into a single incident — for fewer alerts and reduced noise. 

Consolidated Incidents View: A centralized way to manage your incidents, track the status, and review which compromises have been solved — for simpler and faster activation of response processes. 

At a Glance Reports: New scheduled reports allow users to view all of their incident activity in easy-to-digest-and-share reports — for supercharged collaboration and performance measurement. 

Filter by Business Relevance: Prioritization is unique for your organization, now labels include business relevance to help you make faster, data-supported decisions. 

How does this benefit me?

This new Lumu Portal will make it easier for you to operate cybersecurity, detect compromises and carry out investigations. It will reduce reaction times and allow clear and concrete actions to be taken to mitigate and eradicate incidents.

How do I gain access to this new experience?

If you are a Lumu Insights customer, you are in luck! This capability is included in your current subscription. You can start enjoying the benefits now, by clicking here

If you are a Lumu Free customer, the new experience is included in your subscription with the limitations of the free version. We invite you to upgrade your account to obtain additional correlation capability, and overall better compromise detection. You can request your upgrade here.

If you don’t have an account yet, we invite you to open a Lumu Free account here. It won’t take more than a minute, we promise.

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