Kick-Off Week at Lumu: Light Speed Ahead

Lumu hosts its first-ever Kickoff to discuss Continuous Compromise Assessment moving light speed ahead into 2020.

What-a-week! I recently joined Lumu Technologies as Chief Marketing Officer and this week has been a bit of a roller coaster. It started on Sunday night when I left my home to travel to Bogotá, Colombia for our first ever Kick-off meeting and our second Reseller Meeting.

The theme of the Kick-off was “Light Speed Ahead.” Our company definitely moves fast so it seemed pretty suitable. During the sessions, we discussed our (aggressive) goals for the year, debated over internal tools (hello G suite!), presented our marketing strategy, did several why/how we win sessions, etc. By far the most rewarding activity, was a session where we intentionally designed where we want to work and the company we want to build. The entire Lumu Team participated in defining our values, our purpose, and we also agreed on a name for our team: Illuminators. Lumu means light in Esperanto, so again, another easy decision. Someone once told me that all companies have a culture whether you intentionally build it or leave it to build itself. We opted for the former. We know where we want to work, the environment we want to build, and how unless we are all on board, it will be impossible to execute. We are hoping that as we grow our team, the current group will become ambassadors  of what it means to be an Illuminator.

On Wednesday, our team welcomed more than 50 resellers from Argentina, Mexico and everywhere in between. These are some of the most influential and connected service providers in the entire Latin American region, who are already bringing Lumu to their customers as a way to help them measure and understand their unique compromise levels. Our partner community was eager to learn about the technical aspects of the product, including the recent labels and clustering network metadata capabilities, and how to convey the power of Lumu to their customers. It was fantastic to see the level of energy and engagement in the room. The key takeaway from the day was that our resellers are trusted by their customers, who would rather acquire knowledge about their level of compromise from their service provider, instead of finding out the hard way.

Our next big thing is RSAC, where the Lumu brand will stage its official global launch with several initiatives. We also took it upon ourselves to build an ad about how an organization attempts to stop a data breach in real time. Will they succeed? One way to find out.

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