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2021 Cybersecurity Books to Read

These holiday cybersecurity reads are sure to captivate and educate as we head into another eventful year for cybersecurity.

New CISO: Objectives for the First 30 Days

On average, a CISO’s tenure is only 26 months. Fabian Zambrano, Director of Cybersecurity at Davivienda, lays out any new CISO’s priorities.

Security operator using the Lumu Portal Remotely

Optimize Security Operations in 3 Steps

Security operations teams are increasingly inundated with alerts. Take a look at how Lumu can make your SOC more efficient in 3 easy steps.

Stop Ransomware by avoiding these 5 mistakes

Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Stop Ransomware

Over 90% of ransomware attacks are preventable. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes leading to ransomware regret. Do you recognize any?