Lumu’s Next Chapter: A Deep Dive into Our $30M Series B Funding

Lumu secures $30M Series B led by Forgepoint Capital, boosting cybersecurity innovation and enhancing real-time threat management.
lumu forgepoint series b funding

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Lumu is entering a groundbreaking phase with our $30 million Series B funding round, led by Forgepoint Capital. This milestone allows us to empower more enterprises to operate cybersecurity proficiently—turning it from a daunting challenge to an operational strength.

The Evolution of the Cybersecurity Market

As we’ve seen with Cisco’s recent purchase of Splunk, cybersecurity operations are being recognized by the market as imperative. Now, even the C-Level prioritizes cybersecurity as a critical business risk. From enterprises all the way to small businesses, all organizations are recognizing that cybersecurity cannot be ‘bought’ with a simple one-stop service. Instead, they have to navigate a sea of frequently ineffective solutions to find the right tools that cater to their particular needs. Secops is the only anchor that can bring stability amid the ever-changing cyber threats.

Lumu’s Differentiation

Lumu steps in here as the platform that can bridge the gap between siloed solutions and synchronized cybersecurity operations. We empower cybersecurity analysts, Secops, and IT team members by giving them:

  • Visibility across all the disparate segments and hybrid environments of their networks.
  • Integrations that automate real-time response to detected threats
  • AI capabilities that empower rather than distract
  • Contextual threat information that allows teams to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the threats they face as well as their cybersecurity posture. 

Lumu sets itself apart by offering a Free version, letting users immediately experience the value and ease of deployment we’re known for.

The Impact of this Series B Funding Round

This fresh capital will help us expand the reach of our cybersecurity operations platform, particularly in the United States. We also aim to further set ourselves apart in a cybersecurity landscape dominated by ineffective tools, offering resource-strapped security teams a lifeline.

In particular, we aim to invest in further development of AI as a feature that helps, rather than hinders Secops teams. AI in cybersecurity too often presents itself as a magic bullet that ultimately confuses and frustrates. We believe it can bridge the skills gap so sorely felt in cybersecurity and allow new entrants to quickly scale up their skills to approach expert level. 


I’d like to thank every member of the Lumu team—the Illuminators—for their unwavering commitment and spirit of innovation. Rest assured, many more ‘BOOM!’ moments are on the horizon. This funding round wouldn’t have been possible without Forgepoint’s leadership, alongside BIP Ventures, Exceptional Capital, and SIMMA Capital. For their continued support and guidance, special thanks go out to our existing investors the Opportunity Fund, Panoramic Ventures, KnowBe4 Ventures, Lane Bess, former Zscaler and Palo Alto Networks executive, and Tom Noonan, former CEO at Internet Security Systems.

The Next Chapter

The reason why Lumu was founded is more relevant than ever. When we started Lumu in 2019, we looked at the challenge of ever-increasing breaches and dwell times and resolved to make it easier to operate cybersecurity. Now, in 2023, we see cybercriminals developing new means of compromising networks and monetizing access. This Series B funding doesn’t just give us the fuel for our next phase; it amplifies our resolve to empower organizations to operate cybersecurity more efficiently and effectively. Our mission remains true. 

For anyone interested in experiencing the empowerment that comes with Continuous Compromise Assessment, I encourage you to open a Lumu Free account.

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