Lumu for MSPs Lite: Streamlined Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs

Introducing Lumu for MSPs Lite, a free, AI-driven cybersecurity solution for Managed Service Providers, democratizing advanced threat detection.
Lumu for MSPs Lite

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As cyber threats and vulnerabilities expose more organizations including small businesses, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been higher. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) safeguard some of the cybersecurity landscape’s most vulnerable entities like small businesses, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. Today, we are pleased to announce 2 new developments for MSPs: Lumu for MSPs Lite and the introduction of Self Service.

The Value of Lumu for MSPs

Lumu for MSP gives MSPs a huge advantage in a market where finding security experts is tough. It’s a Security-Analyst-in-a-Box who’s always on the job and never takes time off. It’s immune to COVID, doesn’t get sidetracked by football games, and won’t leave for a better-paying job. This means MSPs can offer 24/7 top-notch threat detection and response services to their clients without breaking the bank on hiring security experts, helping them stay competitive and make more money. 

This established service allows MSPs to provide:

  • High-quality alerting and simple operability.
  • Full network visibility about malicious activity happening in real time.
  • Faster incident response via automation.
  • Integrations to make the most of existing tools and resources
  • All of the above included in a single portal

What Is Lumu for MSPs Lite?

Our new offering, Lumu for MSPs Lite, gives MSPs everything listed above, including the ability to automatically detect and block threats at no cost. The offering provides the full experience of Lumu for MSPs, including up to 3 tenants, with 3 integrations (including integrations for data collection, response, and security operations), and up to 50 endpoints.

With this release, we aim to make cybersecurity more accessible to MSPs and grant them the opportunity to experience how easy it is to operate cybersecurity with Lumu.

What is Self Service?

Together with this release, we are also expanding self-service capabilities. MPS can now autonomously manage their operations, such as adding new tenants, increasing the number of endpoints of each tenant, or customizing subscription plans. Our streamlined checkout process and simplified pricing model further enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why Is This Release Significant for the MSP Market?

The launch of Lumu for MSPs Lite and expanded self-service capabilities is a game-changer for the MSP market. These offerings directly address critical pain points:

  • Lack of Resources: The need for specialized security personnel is eliminated, thanks to our intuitive, AI-driven platform.
  • Limited Time: Automation speeds up incident response, making operations more efficient and self service empowers MSPs to manage the platform on their terms.
  • Limited Budgets: The no-cost entry point minimizes financial barriers, making advanced cybersecurity accessible to all MSPs and their customer base.

Making Lumu Available to All MSPs

By offering Lumu for MSPs Lite at no cost, we’re democratizing access to advanced automated threat detection and response tools. This allows even small-scale MSPs to elevate the cybersecurity of their clients to more than just firewalls, EDRs, and email security, but also operate cybersecurity on a 24/7 basis with unmatched network visibility and automated threat detection and response

A Game Changer for MSPs

MSPs are no longer tied to a vendor’s schedule or forced into a one-size-fits-all solution:

  • Lite: Our Lite version offers a risk-free way for MSPs to experience the full range of Lumu’s capabilities, including advanced detection, real-time visibility, and automated responses.
  • Self-Service: MSPs can now make quicker decisions, acting on their terms. The flexibility in pricing and contract options ensures that MSPs can tailor their services to client needs and budget constraints.

The introduction of Lumu for MSPs Lite and enhanced self-service capabilities marks a significant step in empowering MSPs to provide top-notch cybersecurity services efficiently and cost-effectively. We believe that these offerings will greatly contribute to leveling the cybersecurity playing field, allowing MSPs to deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

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