eWeek Review: Lumu Illuminates the Current Threat Landscape

In this Lumu Insights review, eWeek declares that Lumu makes 'fighting cyber threats with actionable intelligence a work of IT art.'
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In a recent eWEEK article, veteran IT product reviewer Frank J. Ohlhorst gave Lumu Insights a hands-on review and declared that it ‘has made fighting cyber threats with actionable intelligence a work of IT art’. The visibility and insights offered by Lumu, while sitting quietly on the perimeter, were singled out. Ohlhorst’s Lumu Insights review concludes that such products will become critical to cyber operations.

Highlights From eWeek’s Lumu Insights Review

  • “In practice, Lumu Insights sits quietly on the network perimeter, and along with the endpoint agents, gathers and analyzes data.”
  • “Lumu’s novel approach to collecting metadata enables the platform to take a deeper look into network operations across network metadata and provide the context that threat hunters need to be effective in their roles.”
  • The platform also offers advanced capabilities, such as attack pattern recognition, network traffic grouping and drill-down capabilities, two years of data retention, the ability to ingest existing threat intelligence, playback capabilities, and customizable reports.”
  • “The real power of the platform comes in the form of what it does with that data and how it creates insights in real time.”
  • “The platform allows administrators to focus on compromise assessment and track compromised assets, while also giving actionable insights to administrators, which in turn amounts to full network visibility from the perspective of what is at risk.”
  • “What’s more, the platform offers playback capabilities, where administrators can step through recorded network activity to better understand exactly what happened during a breach or attack”


Ohlhorst considers that Lumu focuses on delivering network visibility. In a world of increasing dwell times, ever-evolving threats, and novel compromises, organizations need to take threat hunting and remediation more seriously. The review concludes that Lumu Insights can give businesses the upper hand in this fight.

Learn how Lumu can help you operate cybersecurity proficiently.

To sign up for Lumu Free, or to upgrade your account to Lumu Insights, visit the Lumu  portal.

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