The Problem

Pentesting is like a photo that captures a moment in time. The image quality depends on the skills of the photographer who could falsely conclude you are “secure.”

In the best-case scenario, pentesting shows results of simulated attacks once every three months. Why wait for the next pentest when you can have the results continuously?

How Lumu Helps

Real-time Details

Lumu provides much more than a historical snapshot. You will immediately have access to an internal 360-degree view that updates continuously. Zoom in on exactly what you need to see and always know your level of exposure in real time.


View if an event is related with another and take action knowing your adversary’s strategy. Stay ahead of your adversary by having detailed information about their tactics.

Historical Information

Recognizing suspicious activity depends heavily on historical information. Lumu compares your network events to known malicious patterns from multiple feeds and applies ML and AI to predict zero day attacks.