Lumu Autopilot™

Keep your Security Operation Running 24/7 Regardless of Where You Are

What is Lumu Autopilot?

Lumu already continuously detects and responds to threats hidden in your network. Now, Lumu Autopilot adds the ability to automatically operate those incidents.

With Autopilot on, you get a virtualized version of your own SecOps team with augmented capabilities, eliminating human error.

These capabilities keep your security operation running 24/7 regardless of where you are.

Key Benefits

Allow Lumu Autopilot to work for you, enabling your SecOps team to focus on other critical tasks.

Autonomous Incident Management

Based Lumu’s extensive network insights, Autopilot knows when incidents can be monitored, muted, closed, or escalated—and does so automatically.

24/7 SOC

Autopilot represents a virtual version of your SecOps team which meets 24/7 monitoring mandates, without burning out your team.


Manages incidents faster than is humanly possible through its adaptive learning capabilities. Autopilot continuously refines its management of threats.

Free Up

Autopilot takes over when you need it most. This frees up valuable time for threat hunting, strategic meetings, and other critical initiatives.

Defend Regardless of Where You Are

With Autopilot on time is free for other critical tasks.

Turn autopilot on or off according to your needs.

Stay Informed Each Step of The Way

See each action taken by autopilot to manage the incident. 

See Cybersecurity Analyst and Autopilot actions in a single view.

Understand why each action was taken.

Take over manual operation at any time.

98% of Incidents Are Automatically Operated

Only spend time on incidents that require human attention. 

Know when it's time to take over.

Get tailored insights  and threat intelligence for manual operation

See directions and extra context given by Lumu Autopilot.

Automated Reporting on Every Incident

Get an overview of every threat that was managed by Autopilot. 

Customize reporting frequency.

Download threat intelligence for manual integration with cybersecurity stack or further reporting.

Lumu Autopilot works with the existing tools in your cybersecurity stack for empowered decision making

Autopilot delivers 360-degree cyber visibility, ingesting and understanding more data than is humanly possible for each incident.

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