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Lumu Free just got a major upgrade. We've included more metadata collectors, giving you greater network visibility and more closely reflecting our vision of how cybersecurity needs to be operated.
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Lumu has just released a new and improved version of Lumu Free. This extensive update not only increases the value provided by Lumu Free but also aligns it more closely to what free users can expect from Lumu’s paid tiers—Insights and Defender. What hasn’t changed is that a Lumu Free account gives you real-time compromise visibility with no cost and no time restriction.

New Features

Lumu’s power lies in collecting a wide range of metadata sources through several collection methods. The new updates to Lumu Free reflect this philosophy. Previously, Lumu Free focused only on DNS requests to identify evidence of compromise. Now, Lumu Free users can also collect more varied sources of metadata such as firewall and proxy logs. Future releases of Lumu Free will enable remote user metadata collections

We’ve also expanded the available metadata collection mechanisms, so anyone can deploy Lumu Free, no matter their IT infrastructure. Lumu Free users now have access to an API-based custom collector and 2 virtual appliance data collectors, in addition to 2 DNS gateways. Lumu Free was always intended to allow organizations to understand the holistic compromise level of their network. Now they can do so more effectively by closing the gaps in their threat visibility and collecting a wider range of compromise evidence. 

Streamlined Onboarding

Lumu Free’s onboarding practices have also been updated to ensure that users start seeing value right from the get-go. As a versatile tool, Lumu offers many implementation options. Our first steps explain what those options are and guide users so that Lumu can start ingesting their metadata. Our extensive doc store includes useful step-by-step guides, while our support team is available for further assistance.

The evolution of Lumu Free is designed to eliminate friction in network metadata collection and help cybersecurity operators to visualize what is happening in their networks by identifying contacts with the adversary in real time, and enabling them to act upon these findings.
– Ricardo Villadiego, Lumu Founder and CEO

Why Lumu Free Matters

To achieve their ends, threat actors have to use the network. This means that they leave behind traces of their activities in the victim’s network metadata. Unfortunately, many organizations can’t detect those traces. As a consequence, the average breach remains undetected for over 180 days. These attacks are not only targeting large enterprises, but also schools, hospitals, and town administration offices. Every organization needs to operate cybersecurity and Lumu Free gives security operations of all sophistication levels the visibility needed to know if they have been compromised—freely and easily.

Register for one of our training sessions on March 3rd, 2021 for existing and prospective Lumu Free users. We’ll go over Lumu Free’s deployment options, the insights that it offers, and answer any questions you may have.

The new Lumu Free offers a better way to understand the overall level of compromise of your network. To compare Lumu Free with Lumu Insights (which pinpoints individual compromised assets) and Lumu Defender (which offers automated response integrations) visit our Pricing and Plans page.

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