Life@Lumu: JP González, UX/UI Tech Lead

UX/UI Tech Lead at Lumu, JP Gonzalez shares his insight into how continuous learning drives his personal growth and develop skills.

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What is your role at Lumu?

At a startup sometimes you have more than just one role. At the moment I manage the UX (User Experience) area of the product we offer and I participate in the growth team where we study how to generate more growth in terms of users, accounts, and conversions. All of this from an omnichannel CX (Customer Experience) strategy.

One of the things I like most about my role is that I have to be in contact with different people and groups within the organization, aligning and prioritizing the different internal projects we have, which seek to generate impact on the other areas. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day at Lumu, is a day where you will find challenges. In my case, it goes from design challenges to create clear, consistent interfaces taking into account usability issues and standards… to technical challenges in the phases of implementation and data analysis. My role in the organization requires me to have knowledge of a wide variety of topics. 

In the mornings I organize and prioritize the day’s activities. I meet with the development and growth teams, among others, and then start to execute and turn into reality the things I set out to do during the day. At Lumu, communication and teamwork are key and even more so when you are in a high-performance environment.

How did your academic background prepare you for your work at Lumu?

Well, I like to study. I think that things go far beyond what you learn at the university. While technical knowledge gives you the basis, innovating and creating new things require you to you learn from other places. I also think that a degree does not say much about a person. Your actions, attitude, and projects demonstrate your drive to grow. Human beings, when they set their mind to something and have the right mindset, are capable of achieving anything.

What skills have you been able to develop at Lumu?

Many of them, such as improving my design skills by creating interfaces and testing to optimize them. Analysis, either qualitative or quantitative, studying how our users interact with the product to find improvement opportunities that have an impact on value and the business itself.

I have also managed to strengthen my technical skills by implementing interfaces and services. Both for the product and for internal products that allow us to understand how the company grows and optimize processes for our support and customer success teams.

Working from home or working at the office: which do you prefer?

A mixed model is right for me. Sometimes I feel that there is a lack of interaction with the team. Also, great ideas often come out of a casual conversation. I think being able to have mixed models allows for those kinds of face-to-face conversations to happen where ideas and innovations come to light, allowing you to create even more things to add value.

What does “helping companies control the impact of cybercrime” mean to you?

It means—in one way or another—allowing them to see what is really going on inside their infrastructure. When we talk about networks, they are complex. Today we use them for everything. Buying things online, education, entertainment, even our medical data. In each of these things and many more, you will always find people trying to steal your information to sell it or even worse… impersonate you! That’s why having visibility into what’s going on and being able to identify in time if you’ve been breached is key. Having that visibility is, to me, helping companies and individuals have control over the impact that cybercriminals may have. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring Illuminators?

Be yourself and seek to work on things you are passionate about.


If you are interested in joining our growing team of Illuminators, be sure to check out the available positions on our careers page.

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