Introducing Lumu Academy

Lumu Academy offers free cybersecurity courses on Lumu products. Get Lumu certification through our self-paced virtual courses.

At Lumu, we extend our relationship beyond the initial handshake and help organizations control the impact of cybercrime. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the first phase of our very own program called Lumu Academy, a learning platform that seeks to empower our community of customers, admins, developers, partners, and other key stakeholders to learn and understand everything that Lumu is capable of.

Lumu Academy will help you get up to speed with each new release, make the most of new capabilities, learn best practices, and become more able to take full advantage of Lumu for Continuous Compromise Assessment®.

In this first phase, we have created three free online learning courses that help customers to get started and set up Lumu. The courses’ content is broken down into digestible lessons that learners can tackle at their own pace.

Lumu Academy is filled with self-paced cybersecurity course to help you control the impact of cybercrime with Lumu

Lumu Academy courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The virtual training makes for a more effective learning experience as learners may pause and resume training as their schedule allows. A certificate of completion will be issued when the learners complete all the course material. For the moment, all content is in English unless noted otherwise.

The training experience is aligned with how our learners consume the course content. The course player puts the focus on the lesson’s content and allows users to minimize or maximize the screen to remove distractions.

The Umu Academy

Users can track their training progress through the intuitive user dashboard that shows the courses that they have signed up for, the ones they have started, and their progress as a percentage.

Lumu Academy users can track their progress through our intuitive dashboard

The Future of Lumu Academy

We are building out and sharing a rich roster of content through self-paced online courses, demos, webinars replay, technical short videos, etc.—but we don’t want to stop there. Our plan will allow us to eventually bring certification, role-based learning journeys, and more.

We believe in a world where companies can control the impact of cybercrime. By measuring cyber-compromise with Lumu, organizations take control of their security posture. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive resource to offer learning opportunities to organizations to operate cybersecurity proficiently and help new and current customers to get a strong start on their journey to Continuous Compromise Assessment!

We are excited to have you join us. Click here to sign up for Lumu Academy.

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