Illumination Summit Recap

Lumu's Illumination Summit has come and gone, but you can still relive every talk and discussion in our highlight video or blog.

Lumu’s Illumination Summit: “In Tennis and Cybersecurity, a Precise Response Makes the Difference” has come and gone. More than 800 people joined our live broadcast or tuned in on Youtube Live, and countless more following along on social media. Our intention was always to disrupt the tried-and-true but somewhat stale cybersecurity webinar format; we believe that our attendees enjoyed a rewarding, entertaining experience.

If you missed it, here is a 3-minute recap of some of the best moments of the summit.

Here is what you missed: 

The Needed Breakthrough in Cybersecurity

Lumu Technologies CEO Ricardo Villadiego started the first session with Lane Bess. Lane formerly presided over Palo Alto Networks as its CEO and served as COO at Zscaler. Currently, he acts as an advisor to some of the most exciting startups in the industry. Lane engaged in a discussion around the needed breakthrough in cybersecurity.

Ricardo mentioned that despite years of billions of dollars being spent on cybersecurity, we haven’t been able to ‘flatten the curve’ of successful cyber attacks and data breaches. Asked what we need to do to change the current state of affairs, Lane responded: “...autonomous constant testing analysis monitoring is going to have to become a standard requirement.”

Tennis and Cybersecurity

Next up was our session with Victoria Azarenka. Victoria is one of the most recognizable tennis players on the WTA tour, having been the world number one and part of some of the most memorable rivalries at the very top of the tennis world.

Victoria was joined by Lumu VP David Sylvester and our moderator and tennis fan Rob Nachbar from Kismet Communications. Victoria shared some insight into the importance that a quick response and decision-making play in tennis, saying “Every day, every match is going to feel like it is a new match, it’s a constant adaptation, that’s what tennis is, and I’m sure that you can draw the line with cybersecurity where you have to be prepared for whatever.” David noted that speed, accuracy, and having a proper game plan hold equal importance in cybersecurity. He also mentioned how Lumu enables organizations’ decision making by providing actionable intelligence.

The False Sense of Security

Then came Bruce’s turn. Bruce Schneier is a best-selling author writing on cybersecurity and cryptography. The Economist calls him a “cybersecurity guru” and his blog is considered required reading in the industry.

Bruce started his talk by covering the topic of resilience and what that requires in a world where everything is a computer. The topic was fortuitous, considering that a large-scale attack had occurred at Twitter only the previous day, which served as a good example of how a lack of resilience compromised the accounts of some of the most powerful people on the planet. Bruce stated that this would be security’s “decade of orchestration”, pointing out that systems must incorporate both technology and people in order to develop resilience. He went on to state “You have a product that allows you to monitor your other stuff, and to see the holes and to see the gaps. That kind of thing is so powerful now that we are building this resilience sphere. I really think that now is the time for stuff like this. I’m not sure we were sophisticated enough 10 years ago.

Responding to Cyber Threats in a Post-Covid World

Following Bruce’s tour de force, Lumu VP engaged in a chat with John Shaffer on the effects of the pandemic on cybersecurity. John is the longtime CIO at investment bank Greenhill & Co, where he has spearheaded their adoption of a progressive security posture.

Asked about his firm’s response to Covid-19, John pointed to preparation being key, noting “There’s a lot of preparation that goes into game time. And you know Covid is game time. If you were being reactive after Covid, you’re probably in a bit more trouble.” John also went on to give his views on the importance of continually assessing your security environment and measuring security tools to ensure that they are doing what they are advertised to be doing.

Defense in Action

Lumu’s very own Customer Engagement Specialist, Crystle-Day Villanueva, was up next to give a live demo of Lumu’s capabilities in action. Crystle-Day took us through using Lumu’s platform to track a compromise that had been spreading in an organization. It was clear to see how Lumu places all the information users need to respond to breaches quickly and effectively right at their fingertips.

If you would like to view the individual sessions in their entirety, they are available for watching at any time.

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