The Illumination Summit Marketing Journey

Lumu's Illumination Summit is a unique experience for cybersecurity professionals. Here's how it came about.

How do we stay engaged with our customers if we can’t see them? Yes, the virtual world is a big enabler for our business but a lot is also driven by our ability to build trusting relationships. So, we asked ourselves that question in March: how do we stay engaged and connected? Just coming out of the momentum of RSA Conference, we didn’t want to miss a beat. Webinar ideas were thrown around and right there we decided that if we did a virtual event, it had to be one that we, ourselves would want to attend. 

So, we started thinking about how to make online events interesting. We did not want another cookie-cutter cybersecurity webcast. Full disclosure, we do those too but extreme circumstances also call for extreme creativity. And, we are experience-obsessed at Lumu. Everything we do for our audience is built intentionally as an experience. From our social media posts, our blog, our physical events, all the way to how you try out and buy our solutions. We fully believe that if we layer our disruptive technology with a disruptive experience, we are on the right track to building an awesome company. 

We decided to create an event series which we called Illumination Summits. In these events, we are bringing renowned personas that allow us to draw a comparison between cybersecurity and other aspects of life. And that is exactly what we did. 

We first appointed Monica Puig, an Olympic gold medal winner and professional tennis player. We are thrilled that Monica has agreed to participate and discuss the strategy and preparation behind her success. Monica will engage in a dynamic chat with David Sylvester from Lumu and their conversation will be moderated by our friend, Rob Nachbar. Rob is a tennis aficionado who quickly jumped at the chance to chat with Monica and who also runs a boutique PR agency.

Our second guest speaker is John Schaffer, Greenhill’s CIO. We needed the C-suite to be represented by a practitioner who is in one of the most targeted verticals: the financial sector. 

Next, if you read any of our whitepapers, we have often referenced the growing cybersecurity budgets and the growing number of data breaches. We wanted to bring a tried and true cybersecurity operator, a man who has built companies from the ground up and redefined entire sectors of our industry. We literally jumped when Lane Bess, former CEO/Co-founder of Palo Alto Networks and former COO of Zscaler, agreed to join this Illumination Summit’s lineup. 

Many of our best ideas start as a small seed that with collaboration and ambition snowballs into something more awesome. In enlisting our final speaker, we managed to exceed our most optimistic initial hopes. Bruce Schneier has been recognized by The Economist as a “cybersecurity guru”, so when he agreed to join the Illumination summit, we were understandably ecstatic. His reputation as a cybersecurity expert and policy advisor makes him the perfect fit for completing our panel of experts.

Along the way, we have learned plenty of techniques for reinvigorating the webinar. While there is a time and place for slides plus a voiceover, we want to give our Illumination Summit attendees a bit more. Along with varying presentation formats and giving away prizes, we’ve done everything we can to ensure that this will be an event that we would personally want to attend and that we deliver the best possible event experience for our attendees.

And with that, you are cordially invited. It would be our pleasure to have you join this SUPER Illumination Experience!

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