Unveiling Lumu Autopilot: An AI-Powered, Autonomous Cybersecurity Incident Response and Management Technology

Designed to achieve 24/7 security operations effectively, Autopilot acts as a security team’s digital twin and augments detection and response capabilities

Miami, FL – April 24, 2024 –  Lumu, the creators of the Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model that enables organizations to operate cybersecurity proficiently, will debut Lumu Autopilot™ at the RSA Conference 2024. Autopilot is a patent-pending technology built to help organizations manage security incidents detected by Lumu. Through continuous operation, investigation, it takes action according to its assessment of each incident. The tool monitors, mutes, closes or escalates security attacks autonomously and in real time. 

The cybersecurity industry  has traditionally  depended on skilled professionals to compensate for the shortcomings in cybersecurity technology, however this approach is no longer a viable solution due to the following recent developments: 

  • The malicious exploitation of AI leading to a substantial increase in both  frequency and severity of cyber attacks. 
  • Consequently, the surge in data volumes requiring analysis intensifies, escalating the demand for skilled professionals needed to maintain 24/7 security operations. 
  • With approximately 3.5 million job openings unfilled in cybersecurity, finding and retaining such talent is costly or exceptionally difficult. 

Lumu Autopilot directly addresses this reality, helping organizations face these new and growing challenges in cybersecurity operations  

“Over the past five years, Lumu has meticulously collected network metadata and conducted comprehensive analyses of cyber threats to craft AI-powered playbooks designed to tackle a wide range of cyber threats. We have distilled the best practices of seasoned cybersecurity analysts into these playbooks, combining human decision-making with the unmatched speed of machines,” said Ricardo Villadiego, founder and CEO of Lumu. “With Lumu Autopilot on, organizations get a virtualized version of their security operations team with augmented capabilities that reduce error. These capabilities keep security operations running around the clock regardless of where your team is.” 

The benefits of Autopilot include:

  • Autonomous Incident Management: To take action automatically with AI-powered decision-making, Autopilot uses extensive signals from the network, information from integrated cybersecurity solutions in the stack, Lumu’s knowledge of the particular threat, and best practice playbooks for the relevant threat type.
    • 24/7 SOC Compliance: The tool fulfills cyber insurance and other compliance requirements required by various frameworks and regulatory models for 24/7 Security Operations (SOC) and/or third-party managed operations and monitoring.
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: Autopilot is the equivalent of having an extra cybersecurity team member who doesn’t take breaks, call in sick or take time off for weekends or holidays.
  • Closes the Talent Gap: Autopilot operates autonomously, eliminating the need for dedicated talent to manage the technology. This allows security teams to oversee a large volume of incidents in short periods of time. With Autopilot providing the expertise, the need to hire dedicated or highly technical talent to operate cybersecurity is reduced.
  • Empowers Human Decision Making: When incidents are escalated to human analysts, Autopilot hands over the tailored information needed to take effective action. This includes immediate action items, best practices and individual endpoints that are affected by the particular breach.

To learn more about Lumu, please visit www.lumu.io or visit us at the RSA Conference, booth #4355, for a demo.


About Lumu 

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lumu is a cybersecurity company focused on helping enterprise organizations illuminate threats and isolate confirmed instances of compromise. Applying principles of Continuous Compromise Assessment™, Lumu has built a powerful closed-loop, self-learning solution that helps security teams accelerate compromise detection, gain real-time visibility across their infrastructure, and close the breach detection gap from months to minutes. Learn more about how Lumu illuminates network blind spots at lumu.io.

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