U.S. CISOs Will Invest in Automation in 2023 Instead of Cutting Costs or Staff Amid Recession

Report reveals insights from cybersecurity leaders on how organizations can prioritize cybersecurity amid tech hiring struggles

MIAMI – February 9, 2023 – Lumu, creators of the Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model that empowers organizations to measure compromise in real time, today released the 2023 CISO Priorities Flashcard, an infographic-styled report that analyzes the top priorities for cybersecurity leaders in the year ahead. The report unveiled that automation will play a greater role as CISOs seek to harness new technologiesincluding AI and machine learningto increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their existing cybersecurity talent. 

According to new data from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, CompTIA and Lightcast, the total number of employed cybersecurity workers in 2022 remained relatively unchanged from previous estimates. Demand for cybersecurity engineers and analysts remains steady amid cost-cutting layoffs across the tech sector and the industry is still struggling to build up the workforce to meet this growing demand, leaving organizations to readjust their priorities in 2023 to fill the gap. 

Companies are having a hard time retaining tech talent right now, but the need for tight cybersecurity measures is as important as ever, which creates an environment where organizations need to do more with less to keep their networks safe.” said Ricardo Villadiego, CEO and Founder of Lumu. “ Despite being in a bit of a holding pattern when it comes to hiring more employees to fill demand, businesses – no matter the size – can lean on automation to prioritize cybersecurity efforts and equip current teams with the necessary tools to detect and eradicate threats in real time.”  

With so many areas to focus on, cybersecurity leaders are investing in increased efficiencies rather than reducing costs. Results from the Lumu CISO Priorities Flashcard show they will pay greater attention to addressing the most pertinent risks facing their organization including: .  

  • 86% of cybersecurity leaders are prioritizing automating threat detection and response 
  • 81% of cybersecurity leaders are prioritizing the shift from legacy cybersecurity platforms to cloud-native platforms 
  • 84% of cybersecurity leaders are prioritizing integrating and automating cybersecurity capabilities with new and existing technologies 

As hacks and breaches continue to increase, every layer of defense is important for organizations to have a holistic cybersecurity strategy. Emerging from these present issues, 79% of cybersecurity leaders plan to adopt or expand threat hunting, 74% plan to bring part of their cybersecurity operations in-house in order to strategically manage vulnerabilities, 73% plan to optimize SOC alert management and 73% plan to implement a zero trust strategy.  

This exploratory study was carried out by collecting voluntary responses from 213 cybersecurity leaders. All responses were collected between Dec 15, 2022 and Jan 10, 2023 from Directors of Cybersecurity, CISOs, or similar roles across the United States. 

To view the full findings of the 2023 CISO Priorities Flashcard, please download here.

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