Lumu Unveils Enhanced Spambox Analysis Capabilities

Lumu Empowers Customers to Unleash the Value of Spambox Threat Intelligence to Continuously Improve their Compromise Detection

Miami, FL — July 30, 2020Lumu, creators of the Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model, today announced enhanced spambox analytics for its Lumu Insights solution. Under the premise that blocking spam is good but analyzing it is better, Lumu’s Spambox provides security teams with intelligence on how they are being attacked via malicious email campaigns, and the adversary’s success rate at compromising their businesses. The real-time correlation of spambox data with other key pieces of network metadata sources results in insightful evidence on exactly how and which users are falling victim to targeted campaigns.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), nearly one-third of all confirmed data breaches involved phishing in one way or another. However, while enterprises have collectively invested billions of dollars in tools that detect and block spam messages, organizations currently neglect the valuable attack intelligence spambox holds.

“There is a widely held assumption that if your spam email is quarantined or blocked by your spam filter, your users are safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case as attackers will relentlessly tweak and refine their email lures until they succeed in finding their target,” said Ricardo Villadiego, founder and CEO of Lumu. “To adequately defend against today’s constantly- evolving threat landscape, security teams must leverage every scrap of usable threat intelligence. Analyzing the spambox can provide practical insights into who in your organization is being targeted and show how adversaries are trying and succeeding in their quest to compromise your network.”

Lumu Insights collects and standardizes network metadata from a wide-range of network metadata, including DNS queries, network flows, firewall logs and proxy logs, and spambox and puts it through a patent-pending Illumination Process to measure compromise with speed and precision. With these enhanced new spambox analysis capabilities, Lumu customers will be able to:

  • Correlate Email Threat Insights: Drill down into detailed, factual data about the attacks targeting your organization, including the type of attack and the volume with which a particular attack is occurring. Users can track when a malicious campaign is initiated, gauge its success rate, and report on the most common attack vectors.
  • Uncover Hidden Attack Patterns: Equips security teams with a macro perspective of the email threats targeting their organization, allowing them to identify the telltale attack patterns that can both inform their defensive strategies and help prioritize future cybersecurity investments.
  • Model Malicious Campaign Behavior: Adversaries continuously fine-tune their email campaigns to improve deliverability and open rates. Analyzing spam metadata provides actionable insights into shifting campaign patterns to help security teams better anticipate future threats.
  • Map & Isolate Compromised Assets: By applying advanced network correlation with other network metadata sources, users can quickly detect compromised assets, determine their location, and visualize compromises according to customized filters and labels (e.g., PCI, Swift, Finance, Central Office).

This new and improved capability is available to all Lumu Insights customers and available as an add-on feature to Lumu Free customers.

To learn more about this new feature and view screenshots of Lumu’s Spambox Intelligence capabilities, visit:

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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lumu is a cybersecurity company focused on helping enterprise organizations illuminate threats and isolate confirmed instances of compromise. Applying principles of Continuous Compromise Assessment™, Lumu has built a powerful closed-loop, self-learning solution that helps security teams accelerate compromise detection, gain real-time visibility across their infrastructure, and close the breach detection gap from months to minutes. Learn more about how Lumu illuminates network blindspots at

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