Lumu Introduces the 2020 Compromise Flashcard: A Cybersecurity Infographic that Highlights State of Data Breaches on the Enterprise

Miami FL, September 2, 2020Lumu, creators of the Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model that empowers organizations to measure compromise in real-time, today unveiled the 2020 Compromise Flashcard, an infographic-styled report that analyzes the current state of data breaches on the enterprise. Lumu’s 2020 Compromise Flashcard compiles recent industry research data to show how companies are being attacked, the types of data attackers are seeking, which industries are most frequently targeted, and the duration in which an attacker is able to dwell inside the network without being detected.

“One of the most striking data points uncovered in this report is the protracted period of time — or what we call ‘attacker dwell time’ — it takes the typical enterprise to realize that they’ve been compromised,” said Ricardo Villadiego, CEO and Founder of Lumu. “On average, an attacker is able to spend almost seven months inside the network without being detected, which is both shocking and completely unacceptable. Despite spending billions of dollars on cybersecurity tools, the vast majority of companies today are unable to say with certainty whether or not they’ve been compromised.”

The compromise detection gap issue affects organizations regardless of their category or size. In 2019, cybercriminals exfiltrated more than 165 million records of confidential data across 1,365 known breaches. A breakdown of breaches and exposed records by industry segment demonstrates the scope and scale of the problem:

  • Financial Services: 108 breaches and 101 million records data exposed.
  • Healthcare: 525 breaches and 39 million records data exposed.
  • Enterprise: 644 breaches and 19 million records data exposed.
  • Government: 83 breaches and 4 million records data exposed.
  • Education: 113 gaps and 2 million records data exposed.

The 2020 Compromise Flashcard also compiles data that details the financial impact that data breaches have on organizations by geographic region and provides information on how adopting a framework of Continuous Compromise Assessment can dramatically close the breach detection gap from months to minutes.

Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment model works by collecting and standardizing metadata from across the network, including DNS queries, Network Flows, access logs from perimeter proxies and/or firewalls, and spambox, and then correlates threat intelligence from these disparate data sources using artificial intelligence to isolate and illuminate confirmed points of compromise.As a cloud-based solution, Lumu can be configured in less than 30 minutes and can be leveraged alongside a variety of SIEM and network traffic analysis tools, or as a standalone solution to measure and isolate a confirmed compromise in real-time.

To download a complementary copy of the 2020 Compromise Flashcard, visit:

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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lumu is a cybersecurity company focused on helping enterprise organizations illuminate threats and isolate confirmed instances of compromise. Applying principles of Continuous Compromise Assessment™, Lumu has built a powerful closed-loop, self-learning solution that helps security teams accelerate compromise detection, gain real-time visibility across their infrastructure, and close the breach detection gap from months to minutes. Learn more about how Lumu illuminates network blindspots at

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