Continuous Compromise Assessment

Lumu continuously tracks, collects and processes network data to measure your organization’s unique compromise level.

Start to Visualize Compromise in 5 Minutes Free, No Credit Card Required.

How Lumu Works in 1 Minute

Increase Cyber-resilience

Test your current protection strategy by understanding your unique compromise level.

Disrupt the Cyber Kill Chain

Detect and respond to threats at every Cyber Kill Chain stage from start to finish.

Instantly Protect IoT

Continuously monitor, assess and protect your entire IoT environment.

Speed Up Breach Detection

Eliminate breach detection delay and stop cyberattacks in their tracks.


No. This is a free tool for you to use as you see fit at no cost FOREVER. You may set up your account now and keep it for as long as you like. For additional visibility, upgrade to Lumu Insights by clicking here.

You may configure up to 10 gateways and see all the compromise that pertains to them. For endpoint compromise details and more, you can explore Lumu Insights by clicking here.

We only see network metadata. That means that we do not see any confidential information like username, passwords and the like. The information that we see are IPs, domains and URLs.

It is very easy. First, open an account and simply create a gateway on the portal. Use Lumu DNS as the forwarders of your DNS. That’s it. In less than 5 minutes, you can start seeing compromises.

You can get additional compromise visibility upgrading to Lumu Insights. This tier allows you to have unlimited Virtual Appliances that serve as collectors of network metadata and tell you exactly where the compromises are located.

Lumu Free stores metadata for 45 days. If you need additional storage time, you can always upgrade.

No, we implement the continuous compromise assessment concept within your organization. SIEM correlates events, while we answer whether your organization is compromised and where, including:

  • Type of compromise
  • Affected endpoint
  • Domain
  • Time frame

Continuous Compromise Assessment™

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