Compromise Assessment™

A proficient cybersecurity operation requires a fast, precise response. Lumu lets you measure compromise in real time and automate the mitigation and remediation of confirmed compromise incidents.


Automated Response

Augment the capabilities of current cybersecurity investments with confirmed compromise information.
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Custom and out-of-the-box integrations let you connect any tool in your existing cybersecurity stack.
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Supercharge threat hunting with the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix—now automated directly in the Lumu Portal
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Remote workers present a great risk to the organization. Quickly and easily discover their device compromise levels and obtain the intelligence to act on it.
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Compromise Context

Arm your security team with factual compromise data that enables them to implement a precise response in a timely manner.
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Blocking spam is good, but analyzing it is better, because you can discover who is targeting your organization, how they are doing it, and how successful they are.
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Key Features

Why Lumu?

The devil is in the data. Your metadata, that is. Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment model is made possible by its ability to collect, normalize and analyze a wide range of network metadata, including DNS, Netflows, Proxy and Firewall Access Logs and Spambox. The level of visibility that only these data sources provide, allows us to understand the behavior of your enterprise network, which leads to conclusive evidence on your unique compromise levels.

Illumination Process

Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment is enabled by our patent-pending Illumination Process. Learn more about how this process uses network metadata and advanced analytics to illuminate your network’s dark spots.

How to Deploy Lumu

Compromise is infrastructure agnostic. So, collecting network metadata across your complex, hybrid model is essential. Let us walk you through the simple steps to configure Lumu and start measuring compromise immediately.

Industry Validation

Continuous Compromise Assessment has received recognition from leading security analysts.

Continuous Compromise Assessment

Measure Compromise in Real Time

Frequently Asked Questions