Poker & Cybersecurity:

A Game of Skill,
Not Luck


Maria Konnikova

Pro poker player, speaker, author

1-minute Summit Highlights


in action

15 min

Poker & Cybersecurity: A Game of Skill, Not Luck

Ricardo Villadiego, Founder & CEO

36 min

The Poker Game of Life: Using Poker to Enhance Thinking and Decision Making

Maria Konnikova, Pro poker player, speaker, author

20 min

Unfiltered Chat with Chris Steffen, EMA

Chris Steffen, Research Director, Security & Risk Management

2 min

Video: The Lumu Evolution

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Illumination Summits are designed to break with the paradigm of traditional cybersecurity events.

We aim to inspire security operators and strategists to adopt professional practices from other fields that require preparation, skill, and relentless execution to achieve the desired outcome. In this summit, we will discover how we can use pro poker practices for quick and effective decision making. Here you’ll find a new perspective for confronting the unprecedented opportunity we have before us: changing the status quo in cybersecurity.



Speaker Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova,

Pro poker player, speaker, author

Psychologist, Best-Selling Author of The Confidence Game, and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, Contributing Writer for the New Yorker.

Photographer: Landon Speers.
Ricardo Villadiego

Ricardo Villadiego,

Founder and CEO of Lumu

Ricardo is a cybersecurity entrepreneur, who has dedicated much of his career to understanding the online attacks that put organizations at risk, designing innovative solutions, and building talented teams whose mission is to help organizations take control of the impact of cybercrime.

Speaker Chris Steffen

Chris Steffen,

Guest Speaker

Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates, Chris is a seasoned cybersecurity practitioner, with vast experience in cybersecurity, IT management/leadership, cloud, and regulatory compliance.


The Virtual Illumination Summit is an event that explores similarities and differences between the cybersecurity world and real life. In this event, successful people share their insights into strategy, preparation, adversary visibility, and some relevant anecdotes.

Given the global situation caused by the pandemic, this event is virtual.

The Illumination Summit was designed to be a free event.

Yes, we have space for only 3000 attendants.

We are not offering sponsorship opportunities at this time. If you are interesting in sponsoring future Summits, please email us at [email protected].

The event is 2 hours.

Yes, upon registration and after the event, we will send the recording to the registered email. 

The event will be streamed via YouTube Live. Nonetheless, attendants must be registered to receive the streaming link 10 minutes prior the event starts. 

You can send an email to [email protected] with your question.

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