Illumination Summit

Not in the
Flight Plan:

Preparing for
the Unexpected in

Cybersecurity and


in action

4 min

Not in the flight plan: Preparing for the unexpected in Cybersecurity and Aviation

Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO Lumu Technologies

38 min

Aviation and Cybersecurity

Jeff Skiles, First Officer from the "Miracle on the Hudson"

24 min

Fireside Chat: Bringing Cybersecurity (safely) Down to Earth

Allie Mellen, Forrester Analyst

14 min

The New Lumu Free

Nikki Ibarra, Product Marketing Lumu Technologies

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Illumination Summits are designed to break with the paradigm of traditional cybersecurity events.

On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia international airport. Shortly afterwards, it ditched in the Hudson river with—amazingly—no lives lost. Jeff Skiles was in the cockpit that day, and at this year’s Illumination Summit we’ll get his insights into the preparation required for ensuring that when the unthinkable happens, it doesn’t result in disaster, but gets called a miracle instead. Here you’ll also hear perspectives from experts in the cybersecurity industry and gain insights about how to bring cybersecurity (safely) down to earth.



Jeff Skiles

Jeff Skiles
Speaker, writer, safety consultant, and lifelong pilot

Jeff Skiles is a speaker, writer and lifelong pilot. Jeff is best known for 3 1/2 minutes over the Hudson River in January, 2009 when he and Sully Sullenberger piloted their stricken A320 airliner carrying 155 people to a safe landing in the waters off Manhattan.

Ricardo Villadiego

Ricardo Villadiego
Founder and CEO of Lumu Technologies

Ricardo is a cybersecurity entrepreneur, who has dedicated much of his career to understanding the online attacks that put organizations at risk, designing innovative solutions, and building talented teams whose mission is to help organizations take control of the impact of cybercrime.

Nikki Ibarra

Nikki Ibarra
Product Marketing at Lumu Technologies

Nikki has spent the majority of her career working in the cybersecurity industry with experience in sales engineering and product marketing. She is passionate about helping companies of all sizes address their specific cybersecurity needs with the right tools and techniques.


The Virtual Illumination Summit is an event that explores similarities and differences between the cybersecurity world and real life. In this event, successful people share their insights into strategy, preparation, adversary visibility, and some relevant anecdotes.

Given the global situation caused by the pandemic, this event is virtual.

The Illumination Summit was designed to be a free event.

Yes, we have space for only 3000 attendants.

We are not offering sponsorship opportunities at this time. If you are interesting in sponsoring future Summits, please email us at [email protected].

The event is 2 hours.

Yes, upon registration and after the event, we will send the recording to the registered email. 

You can send an email to [email protected] with your question.