The Problem

An adversary must complete various steps to intrude your network and execute a successful attack. It is critical to disrupt each stage of the cyber kill chain and ultimately block the adversary from exfiltrating data.

How Lumu Helps

Early Alerts

Know when suspicious activity is occurring on your network before it turns problematic. Lumu detects real-time anomalous behavior and converts it to actionable intelligence so that you can act before a full-scale breach.  

Wide Visibility

Do not solely rely on your network defense infrastructure to disrupt each stage of the CKC. Go beyond with Lumu which provides threat visibility across your entire network since every connected device makes DNS queries.

Spans Entire CKC

A major challenge is taking action at each phase of the CKC. With Lumu, you will know what is occurring on your network from day one and have attack information compartmentalized for each stage of the CKC.