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What is Lumu?

Real-time detection, analysis, and response to network threats.

Unparalleled Visibility Across the Entire Network


Streamline incident management, improve the analyst experience.


Increase efficiency and save time by prioritizing your most critical incidents.


Get your cybersecurity stack on the same page with our 80+ integrations.

Threat Informed

Uncover top attack techniques used to target your organization for a precise response.

Your Cybersecurity Stack in Perfect Alignment

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Incident View

Optimize your cybersecurity operation with the ability to sort, filter, and take group actions against threats.

See which incidents are currently open, pending, or in progress.

Number of incidents closed within the selected timeframe below.

Average # of incidents created on a daily basis.

Allows you to select preferred time.

Visualize incidents by their status -open, muted, closed, or all.

Filter incidents based on threat type, labels, contacts and more.

Search for incidents using keywords.

Download incident information based on filters applied.

Take group actions on incidents like closing, muting, or mark pending.

See the name of the IoC and a description of the threat.

Send all of the details and context from an incident to anyone.

Get the context around how your organization is being impacted by adversaries.

See exactly which endpoints have been impacted and how.

Shows how you and your team have responded to the incident.

Take actions within the incident and collaborate as a team.

Extra information from the metadata collector about the threat and the impacted asset.

Context and Operability

Each incident provides granular details around malicious activity with the tools to collaborate as a team.

Cloud-based Delivery

Seamlessly implement Lumu with options for different technical environments.

Self-service option for data collection.

Add unlimited virtual appliances for your environment.

Configure integrations with Lumu’s API

Designate actions against threats with just a few clicks using out-of-the-box integrations.

Select the out-of-the-box integration type.

Click on add to begin configuring your integration with just a few clicks.

Response Automation

Automate incident response with just a few clicks using your existing tools.


Understand how attackers are targeting your organization and the top techniques they are using.

See how attack techniques are most frequently used against your organization.

Filter by labels to prioritize threat types impacting different areas of the business.

Select a timeframe to see the techniques used within a certain period.

See the distribution of techniques within the selected timeframe and prioritize efforts.

Download the heatmap to visualize top attack types and share with others.

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