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Welcome to the first in our "[email protected]" blog series. Meet Kevin, a software developer at Lumu and Alumnus of Fundación S.
The featured illuminator for this week's Life@Lumu story is Kevin Arévalo. Kevin is a Full Stack Developer and alumnus of Fundación S

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[email protected] brings you the stories of the Illuminators helping our customers to control the impact of cybercrime. For our first installment, we spoke to Kevin Arévalo about the path that led him to Lumu. Kevin is a fully remote Full-Stack Developer and an alumnus of Fundación S (the S stands for software), a skills development initiative with which many Illuminators are involved. 

What is your role at Lumu?

I’m a Full Stack Developer, working with the QA team. My team is in charge of testing all new Lumu features, writing test automation, reporting bugs, and testing fixes for these bugs.

How did you hear about Lumu?

I have known about Lumu since my initial meeting with Fundación S, where I met Ricardo Villadiego, Julián Arguelles, Claudio Deiro, and Javier Vargas

Tell us about your experience with Fundación S. How did it help prepare you for your role at Lumu?

It was a very enriching experience, where I met many mentors who dedicated hours of their time to help me with my training process. I became proficient in topics that I thought I could never understand. The process at the foundation helped me to form a certain character as a person, to have a different vision of life,  and to discover new goals that I want to achieve.  

The foundation gave me the basic concepts, tools, and guiding mentors to acquire a solid base of knowledge that helped me in the admission process at Lumu.

What personal attributes or characteristics suit a software developer?

Being passionate. I feel that’s the most important because there’s nothing more satisfying than doing what you love. With passion, dedicating hours to studying, practicing, and progressing in subjects you enjoy will fill you with motivation. Being a self-sufficient learner. Having the ability to study, practice, and apply acquired knowledge on your own is beneficial for yourself in general but also for finding optimal solutions. With that comes the need for patience: you’ll encounter difficult problems for which you need to sit down to study the problem at hand, understand it, and plan out a solution. Being adaptable is beneficial in that it allows you to work effectively when sudden changes occur during development. From my point of view, these are the qualities that helped me the most to grow as a software developer.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My goal is to grow as a developer. I want to acquire new knowledge and skills that will allow me to have a greater contribution to my team. Eventually, I’d like to be part of the mentoring team at Fundación S.

Do you have a role model or mentor who has inspired you?

Absolutely. At the foundation, every mentor inspired me differently. During my time at the foundation, they led me in developing habits and routines that—to this day—help me to be more productive. Sharing their knowledge, experience, and advice allowed me to improve beyond the planned curriculum of the foundation. They pointed out where I was making mistakes so that I could avoid errors and continually improve. Even in the smallest actions, these mentors have been a source of inspiration and proved themselves to be excellent role models.

Working remotely or working at the office: which do you prefer?

I prefer working remotely. I think we save time and energy that we can invest in things of interest to us. For example, if you spend 1 or more hours going to work, you can spend that time on activities that contribute to your personal or professional life. You can run outside for 30 minutes and go back home to read a book for the rest of the time, practice yoga, or learn about new technologies and frameworks. You can do plenty of activities with the time you spend getting to work other than these activities that will help you improve your performance during working hours.

Do you have any tips for aspiring illuminators or software developers?

Believe in yourself. It’s vital to believe in your knowledge and to believe in what you are capable of doing. Be disciplined, set yourself a goal, and be willing to achieve it by dedicating 100%.

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